Air Handlers







Precision engineered to handle comfort in your home.

An air handler in an outdoor unit comprised of a high efficiency coil, blower fan and motor working together to deliver conditioned air throughout your home. Air handlers work seamlessly, in conjunction with your outdoor unit. If the Trane air handler is paired with a Trane heat pump, it will serve diligently all year long to circulate cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. An air handler can also be used with an air conditioner in climates where only cooling is needed.

Trane offers a complete line of air handlers - from 2-speed to high efficiency variable-speed models.

Variable-Speed Air-Tight Air Handler

  • The variable-speed motor starts at low speed and then gradually ramps up to full capacity. Quiet and efficient.

  • Features technology advancements for better humidity control and increased efficiency.

  • Circulates clean, conditioned air throughout your home providing enhanced comfort, finely tunes climate control and quiet, reliable performance.

  • Includes Comfort mode for a soft-start and the quietest performance. This special feature gives you better humidity control during the cooling season and warmer air from your heat pump system all winter long.

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